New game 2021 Mobile

Based on the highly acclaimed book and film of the same name, New Game 2021 is a high-tech, fast-paced, real-time puzzle and adventure game for Facebook.

New game 2021 Mobile

The game follows in the footsteps of the Harry Potter series, allowing you to play as either a student-teacher or professor, aiding the heroes in their quests.

Along your journey, you’ll encounter a cast of exciting characters along the way, including a giant squid, an evil wizard, a talking dog, a vengeful lion, a unicorn, and more. Will you be the wise or foolish leader, or will you be the ultimate ropesman?

This multi-faceted, action-filled adventure game for Facebook is unlike any other game available. Rather than playing a traditional platformer or minigame, New Game 2021 challenges you to take up the mantle of a fictional hero.

You’ll become involved in all sorts of crazy escapades, interact with a cast of interesting characters, explore strange places, and overcome an array of obstacles as you help your hero escape from the clutches of the villain for good.

New game 2021 Mobile


Players can select from various heroes, including the Firestarter, the Bruiser, the Fortitude, the Ninja, the Scorpion, the Unicorn, and many more. Should perhaps check out the viral New Game 2021 mobile application.

New Game 2021 draws inspiration from the hit comic book series of the same name, depicting a city teeming with villains and vicious animals and police officers, citizens, and celebrities who must struggle against everyday life.

Each level is designed to test your reflexes and strategy skills in a variety of interactive challenges.  As you complete tasks, you’ll move closer towards the top of the ranking system, earning both money and boosts that can give you extra abilities and weapons as you progress through the game.

This new game also takes a nod to the real-world detective series of the same name. In this game, players take on a former police officer who now works as a private investigator. Your task is to investigate a series of murders that have been occurring in and around your city.

You’ll need to examine the bodies, interview witnesses, and track down evidence to uncover the perpetrator before they strike again.

You can also engage in rescue missions, although you have a limited number of tries before time runs out in this game.

Once time runs out, all crime scene examinations, fingerprinting, and blood analyses are suspended. You’ll need to gather enough evidence and present it to the proper authorities for criminal profiling.

Unlike other versions of New Game 2021, you’ll only be able to access this portion of the story when you’ve collected enough evidence.

One other feature you will find in this superhero action-adventure is the inclusion of the Batcomputer. This device allows you to interact with Batman’s world through 3D glasses, controlled via touch screen controls.

The Batcomputer lets you know all the vital information regarding Batman’s day-to-day activities. This includes information on his plans for tomorrow, focusing on and what he fears will happen.

You can also use the Batcomputer to issue orders to your detective allies, order your police force to secure specific crime scenes, and give a warrant for Batman’s arrest.

To gain access to all this, you will need to spend just one penny from your downloads. New Game 2021 mobile game developer gives you this money for free, and you can use it on in-game purchases or purchase any of the items you might not have otherwise.

Some of the items include the Batmobile, Batplane, Batman’s utility belt, bat graffiti, and more. You can buy all of these items in-game or purchase them at online shops for real money.

This new game does look pretty impressive. However, you should know that it is not likely that this new mobile game will be as popular as the previous versions.

Developers usually release new versions every year. That is probably why they are giving this one away free of charge. They hope that millions of people will download it so that they can make up for the previous version’s dismal lack of popularity.

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